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In the Making: Prairie Culture Today

When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect. There is no other way for land to survive the impact of mechanized man, nor for us to reap from it the esthetic harvest it is capable, under science, of contributing to culture.
--Aldo Leopold, Sand County Almanac

Visitors to this web site are invited to participate in the creation of prairie culture-that is, a shared awareness springing from ever-increasing familiarity with the tall grass prairie. Visitors may contribute by simply enjoying what's posted here-or, if they wish, they may add their own items to the blog or the sections for trailcam videos & photos, reviews, links, poetry, music, essays, fiction, or audio-visual art. Especially invited are submissions from our little corner of the earth-McDowell Creek, the Flint Hills, the tall grass prairie. But submissions from anyone and anywhere are welcome-as long as the submissions are inspired by the tall grass prairie. (The site is moderated; practical limitations mean that not everything can be published.)

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Here in the McDowell Creek Community and in the larger Flint Hills, humans live together with the tall grass prairie-the air, rocks, waters, animals, plants, and soil that make up what Aldo Leopold called our "land community." Humans have always been a part of this community, but our awareness has not always kept pace with our reality. Too often our non-human neighbors have faded from view as we focused only on other humans or on those creatures that contributed to or threatened our short-term gains. Postings on this site should help us get to know all our neighbors better. They should help us foster the relationships that give rise to culture-a culture rooted in the tall grass prairie.


Share your observations of creatures of the tall grass prairie-human and non-human! Tell stories of interactions. Share your speculations or philosophizings about humans and the tall grass prairie. Margy & Ron record daily observations of Bird Runner Wildlife Refuge here. [ Visit the Prairie Blog ]


There are several trailcams set up at Bird Runner Wildlife Refuge. This section contains recent videos and photos, as well as a link to the trailcam archives. You are invited to submit trailcam videos and photos, as long as they document residents of the tall grass prairie. [ Trailcam Videos ]   [ Photo Gallery ]


Reviews of books, articles, & art illuminating the tall grass prairie land community will be posted here. Also, this site is only a small part in a wider general effort. Therefore, links to other sites contributing to the creation of prairie culture will be included here.
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As long as it is inspired by the tall grass prairie or illuminates the tall grass prairie land community in some way, art in a variety of genres can be published here. [ Prairie Poetry & Prose ]

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